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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is proud to offer safety-related training, programs and resources that are intended to inform individuals of potential hazards in their workplace.

By making use of the resources and training opportunities available, students, faculty and staff will be more capable of identifying risks involved in their work. In addition, training provides greater understanding around the reasoning for and approach to take in order to protect yourself and others. The goal of EHS is to continuously improve workplace safety for students, faculty and staff.

All Ryerson employees must complete safety training

It is mandatory that all Ryerson University employees complete some basic online training to keep you safe and informed in the workplace. In compliance with Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL), this includes:

Employees working in specific spaces, with specific hazards or in certain roles should visit the following sections for further required training.

As a research-intensive university, our campus has active laboratories which inevitably pose potential risks for the health and safety of community members. Visit the program pages for more information on:

Ryerson employees play a variety of roles on campus to support health and safety. Visit these pages for more information on training as it pertains to these positions:

With a wide range of potential hazards present across campus, EHS offers hazard-specific training to support community members in a variety of workspaces across campus. Visit the program pages for more information:


If you have any questions about mandatory safety training, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 416-979-5000, ext. 553770 or .

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