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Consent Comes First works in collaboration with individuals, groups and departments at 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 to strengthen skills and build tools to address sexual violence. We work with the campus community to create programming, outreach, events, training, workshops and leadership development. Our educational strategy is centred on equity, prevention, and healing. Education is key to creating safer learning and work environments. Please note we do not provide workshops to external community groups. 

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“I really liked the discussion on consent, was in-depth and established significant connections to broader systems of oppression."


Training and Workshops

Consent Comes First provides free, on-demand customized training, workshops, consultation and campaigns for all members of the 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 community including students, staff and faculty.  

We work with campus partners to 

  • Adapt sessions to meet the needs of your community. 
  • Identify ways to embed the education opportunity into existing programs or curriculum
  • Determine the best ways to deliver the educational opportunity to your community. 

In addition to the standard education sessions listed below, we can design customized educational opportunities to help you achieve your desired learning outcomes.  All of our workshops have five key learning outcomes: building community, empathy, leadership, community care and equity skills. 


“I liked the scenarios of clear actions to take. I especially appreciated the centring of social location and how oppression interacts with our experience of violence and also how we intervene/respond as community members.”
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This workshop is designed to help Ryerson community members become knowledgeable on how to build consent culture on campus, including; Ryerson’s commitment to supporting those affected bys sexual violence as outlined in the policy; consent as an everyday practice, sexual violence and impacts of trauma; sexual harassment in the workplace; how to deal with disclosures and make referrals to supports on and off campus.

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Begin by listening, respect confidentiality, ask what they need, validate and empathize are the first steps to dealing with disclosures of sexual violence. In this training, participants will learn the difference between disclosure and reporting and how to support someone affected by sexual violence. In addition participants will learn how to refer them to supports on and off campus and how to practice self-care after trauma exposure.

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We all have a role to play in preventing sexual violence and harassment here at Ryerson University. In this training, participants will learn to intervene when they witness sexual violence or harassment; ABCs of bystander intervention and how to connect those affected by sexual violence on or off campus resources or off-campus resources.

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Sexual harassment in the workplace is never okay. In this training, participants will learn the different forms of sexual harassment that can occur in the workplace, how to practice consent in the workplace and relevance policies related to workplace safety such as Ryerson Sexual  Violence Policy, Occupational Health and Safety Act. Participants will also learn about bystander intervention as part of TakeCareRU campaign and how to connect to supports for staff and faculty on and off campus.

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