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Justice can look different for each of us. Some of us will tell no one, some of us still need to tell ourselves, some of us will want to share with close friend and some of us will want the world to know. We may report right away and some of us may wait for years before telling anyone. Some of us may choose to go to the police and some of us may choose to use alternatives like transformative justice. No matter what you choose Consent Comes First is here for you. Connect with Consent Comes First Team

It's important to remember that we get to decide what justice looks like to us. People may judge the choices we make or have to make. But no one knows your experience better than you. Reporting to the police is only one option of a multitude of choices, and for many survivors from marginalized, criminalized and policed communities, it may not be a viable option. Our social location including but not limited to race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability, impacts not only the way we are targeted for sexual violence but how we can access support and if we are believed. Use this guide to gather the information you need to decide what works for you. Remember whatever choice you make, it’s your decision.

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