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Admission decisions are based on the information we have available at the time we review your application to 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University (TMU). Your application will be processed and assessed subject to admission and selection criteria and the availability of space when your material is received.

Applicant Details

  • Current Ontario secondary school applicants - the majority of admission decisions will be made between February and the end of May. All admission decisions are posted to your ChooseTMU applicant portal .
  • All other applicants - decisions will be posted to your ChooseTMU applicant portal  accounts on an on-going basis; the majority of decisions are available for viewing between February and late June.

Program-Specific Details

  • Space is limited and admissions standards may exceed the noted minimums. Required overall averages and subject-specific grade requirements are determined on the basis of competition. For a complete list of TMU's programs, please visit the Programs page .
  • Grades-Only selective programs consider students on the basis of academic achievement only. Additional non-academic criteria is not required for admission consideration. Offers are generally based on the best three to six Grade 12 U/M courses (final or mid-term grades). Applicants must have completed or be registered in all specific subject prerequisites at the time of application review. Offers of Admission will stipulate the final overall average and subject prerequisite results that must be maintained. All admission requirements (e.g. completion of the OSSD with six Grade 12 U/M courses and subject prerequisites) must be completed by June 30th. Students who are not selected for admission to a Grades-Only program will be notified on an ongoing basis.
  • Grades-Plus selective programs consider non-academic criteria/factors such as interviews, auditions, essays, portfolios, etc. in the selection process in addition to academic achievement. The Offer release dates for Grades-Plus programs noted below are provided as a guideline only and are subject to change. Students who have satisfied the selection criteria of a Grades-Plus program may receive a conditional Offer of Admission, which will outline the conditions of acceptance. All admission requirements must be completed by June 30th. Students who are not selected for admission to a Grades-Plus program will be notified on an ongoing basis, commencing in May.

First Offer Release Dates for Grade-Plus Programs

  • Part-time and Direct-Entry applicants may receive admission decisions beginning in the spring. Admission decisions for these programs continue to be released on an ongoing basis.
  • Wait Lists - Students who have applied/amended by February 1 will be notified by late May if they have been placed on a Wait List. Students on a Wait List may be contacted at any time up to the beginning of classes regarding an Offer, subject to space availability.

Note : 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University (TMU) reserves the right to terminate the application process without notice and to amend information presented as necessary at any time. In particular, TMU reserves the right to withdraw or change academic program offerings and admission requirements at any time. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy on this site, in the event of a discrepancy, TMU's current Undergraduate Calendar  is the official reference document.

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