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Space and Renovation Requests

Facilities Management and Development (“Facilities”) oversees all space acquisition, construction and renovation work for Toronto Met. Our portfolio is complex and has inherent challenges of aging infrastructure, interconnected building systems and connections to public utilities. It is essential for our infrastructure security and our community’s health and safety that work is to be completed only under Facilities’ oversight. 

Partnering with Facilities is the essential first step toward realizing your goals of acquiring new space and/or renewing facilities. New project requests are triaged, prioritized and scheduled with a view to balancing key university priorities with available resources. 

Learn more about project timelines

Our early involvement in your space or renovation request is a key ingredient to success because it helps us match our resources, staffing expertise and other facility renewal efforts to your project request — early planning assures the best outcomes!

An outline of the general timelines, approvals and processes for securing leased space and/or completing renovation and fit-out projects can be found on the following pages:

New space and project requests

The space and project request forms are submitted through online forms.

To ensure you have everything you need to correctly fill out one of the request forms, please review the information on the  Leased Space Process and Timeline or the  Renovation Request Process and Timeline page.


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