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Denise Campbell

The role of Community Safety and Security in dismantling anti-Black racism

On July 17, 2020, 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University released the Anti-Black Racism Campus Climate Review Report based on consultations with Black faculty, staff and students who spoke about their experiences on our campus and their interactions with the institution. We take this feedback seriously and thank the Black faculty, staff and students who shared their experiences at the consultations. 

Community Safety and Security is committed to working with the Presidential Implementation Committee to Confront Anti-Black Racism in developing strategies to implement the report’s recommendations. In preparation, Community Safety and Security have started a training program with Hamlin Grange , external link (diversity and inclusion strategist, principal of DiversiPro). This training has been customized for TMU security and includes topics such as unconscious bias and its role in decision-making in enforcement, and varied lived experiences and how these impact perceptions of security. 

We recognize that each individual’s lived experience informs their perspectives of security on campus, and that while some people feel safer in the company of uniformed security, others feel unsafe. Our goal is to implement a community safety model that recognizes these realities and lived experiences. As the university moves forward with implementing the recommendations of the Anti-Black Racism report, this will be our number one priority. 

This fall, a working group will hold consultations with students, faculty, and staff to explore how we can develop a safety and security model that works for the entire TMU community. More information on this will be available from the President’s Office soon. 

We are committed to developing a uniquely TMU approach to safety and well-being on campus and dismantling anti-Black racism in all its forms.

Denise Campbell
Executive Director, Community Safety and Security

Vision for Community Safety and Security

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