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Your course grades and cumulative grade point average will be posted to your transcript using Toronto Met’s grading scale. Your academic standing is evaluated at the end of each term.

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Toronto Met Senate Policy 46: Undergraduate Course Grading, Academic Program Standing and Eligibility to Graduate describes the standards and expectations for acceptable overall academic performance.

Grades and grade point averages

You can check your official grades on  RAMSS  approximately two weeks after the official end of term. For the Fall term, official final grades will normally be available within one week of when the university reopens after the Mid Year Break. See Significant Dates , opens in new window for the exact date that grades will be released. Your grades will be posted using the following grading scale:

Performance Description Letter Grade Conversion Range
Percentage Scale to
Letter Grades
Toronto Met GPA
Excellent A+
90 – 100 4.33
Excellent A 85 – 89 4.00
Excellent A- 80 – 84 3.67
Good B+ 77 – 79 3.33
Good B 73 - 76 3.00
Good B- 70 - 72 2.67
Satisfactory C+ 67 - 69 2.33
Satisfactory C 63 - 66 2.00
Satisfactory C- 60 - 62 1.67
Marginal D+ 57 - 59 1.33
Marginal D 53 - 56 1.00
Marginal D- 50 - 52 0.67
Unsatisfactory F 0-49 0.00

There are some three-letter designations you might see. For example: if you received a transfer credit for a course you took elsewhere, you will see a CRT beside the course number. Similarly, PSD means that you passed a "pass/fail" course. PSD and CRT "grades" are recorded on your transcript but are not included in the calculation of your grade point average.

The Aegrotat (AEG) is a grade granted only by a Dean under exceptional circumstances when there has been acceptable performance in a course and some coursework remains to be completed. Supporting documentation is required.

Students who wish to request an AEG grade must consult with the course instructor. A letter explaining the reason for the request and supporting documentation is required.

Please download the PDF file Aegrotat Grade Petition Form and follow the instructions as outlined on the form.

You must take action when you receive one of these non-graded designations:

Grade What this means What do I do?
F-S Failure - Supplementary
( “Redeemable Failure” )
  • You have  marginally failed  a course and the instructor is offering you the opportunity to write a redeemable failure examination or assessment.
  • Your instructor can only convert an F-S grade to a ‘D-’ or to an ‘F’, depending on your performance on this exam or assessment.
  • Contact the teaching department at once to make arrangements to write the new exam.
INC (“Incomplete”)
  • The work you have submitted for a course is at least of passing level, but you have some work to finish or you have missed the final examination for medical or compassionate reasons.
  • Get a written statement within seven (7) working
    days telling you what you need to do to finish
    the remaining work and the date you must hand
    in the work.
  • If you do not hand in the work by the deadline, the
    INC will become an “F”.

GPA – course repeats

You may attempt the same course up to three times (i.e., enrolled initially, repeated once, repeated twice = three enrolments). If you fail a required course for the third time, we will assign an Academic Standing of Permanent Program Withdrawal.

You may choose to repeat a course for the sake of improving on an earlier unsatisfactory grade. The grade earned for the repeated course is substituted for the earlier grade in calculating your grade point average even if the newer grade is lower. We record all attempts on your transcript.

Course Replacement (GPA Adjustment):  This request applies to courses on the same elective table. Instead of retaking the same course, you may choose to take a different course from the same elective table (example: Professional, Professionally Related, Open Elective, or Liberal Studies course). Timing is important – you must submit the google form GPA Adjustment Form , external link before the final date to add a course for the term in which the Course Replacement applies. (See Significant Dates )

Course Exclusion (GPA Adjustment):  If you are taking an extra course that is not applicable to your program requirements and you wish to have this course excluded from your GPA calculation, you may request a Course Exclusion. You must submit the  google form GPA Adjustment Request Google Form , external link before the final date to add a course for the term in which the Course Exclusion applies.

Submit the google form GPA Adjustment Request Google Form , external link by the deadline published in the Significant Dates

Academic standing

Each student's Academic Standing is calculated at the end of each academic term using final course grades. The Academic Standing takes into account any Academic Standing Variations that your program might have (see more about Academic Standing Variations below). Academic standing is assigned on the basis of the following categories and criteria for overall academic performance:

Academic Standing What does this mean?
Consequences What do I do now?
  • Your CGPA is at least 1.67; and
  • You have met all other applicable conditions such as Academic Standing Variations or the terms of your Probationary Contract
  • You may continue with your studies.
You may continue your program studies.
  • Your CGPA is between 1.00 and 1.66; or
  • You are in your first term of undergradute studies at Toronto Met at the end of the Fall or Winter grading period. 
  • CGPA of less than 1.00 or
  • You have not met the conditions of your program’s Academic Standing Variation; or
  • You have been reinstated to your program after a Required to Withdraw (RTW) period.
  • Your department will assign a Probationary Contract. You will be Required to Withdraw (RTW) if you don't meet the conditions set out in this contact.
  • Your department will advise first year students with a GPA of less than 1.00 in their first semester about their prospects and strategies for success. These students will continue in their program for the next Winter semester on Probation.
  • Check your email for information about your Probationary standing.
  • Contact your program department to discuss your Probationary Contract and to develop some strategies for success.
  • Connect with Student Learning Support and the Centre for Student Development and Counselling
Standing Variation Withdrawal (SVW)
  • Your CGPA is at least 1.67; and
  • You have not met your program’s
    standing variation requirements
  • You will be permanently withdrawn from your current program and cannot apply for reinstatement.
  • You will be eligible for transfer to other undergraduate programs for which you are qualified, subject to the competitive admissions process. and application timelines. 
Required to Withdraw (RTW)
  • Your CGPA is less than 1.00 (unless you are enrolled in your first semester); or
  • Your term GPA fell below 1.67 while you were on Probation; or
  • You have violated the conditions set out in your Probationary Contract; or
  • You failed to negotiate a Probationary Contract within the established timelines.
  • You may not enrol in any Toronto Met credit course for a period of 12 months. Courses taken at another institution during this period of suspension will NOT count toward your graduation requirements for your Toronto Met degree program; or
  • You may ask to take part in a defined Student Success Program (SSP), like Fresh Start, under a participation contract.
  • Check your email and mailbox for information about your RTW Standing.
  • Visit the Registrar’s Office Program Reinstatement / Required to Withdraw (RTW) page and read the Required to Withdraw FAQs
  • Learn about the Fresh Start Program
  • Attend an Educational Planning Workshop
  • Prepare to apply for reinstatement or to transfer into another program.
Permanent Program
Withdrawal (PPW)
  • Your academic performance has resulted in a ‘REQUIRED TO WITHDRAW’ Standing for a second time; or
  • You have failed a course required by your program for the third time; or
  • You have not met the terms of your Probationary Contract; or
  • You have been denied reinstatement to your program for a second time.
  • You are withdrawn from your program and you may not apply for reinstatement into that program.
  • You can apply for admission to a different program in accordance with Undergraduate Admissions application timelines, admission policies and procedures.
  • Check your email and mailbox for information about your PPW Standing.
  • Attend an Educational Planning Workshop
  • If you wish to apply to a different program, Application deadlines and other Admissions information are online , opens in new window .
Disciplinary Suspension
  • You are not allowed to enrol in any course at the University during your period of Disciplinary Suspension.
  • After you have served your period of Disciplinary Suspension you must contact your Department/School to make arrangements for reinstatement.

Academic standing variations

The following programs have Academic Standing Variations. If you are in one of these programs, you must meet additional criteria to keep a Clear Academic Standing.

  • All Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science programs except Architectural Science 
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Collaborative Nursing Degree Program
  • Disability Studies
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Midwifery
  • Nursing Post Diploma Degree Completion Program
  • Performance Acting
  • Performance Dance
  • Performance Production
  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner
  • Social Work

If you are in one of these programs, you must familiarize yourself with its Academic Standing Variations. Please consult the  Undergraduate Calendar , opens in new window .

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