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Begin the registration process as soon as you can, so your accommodations are in place when you need them. 

There are two options for registering with Academic Accommodation Support and receiving an accommodation plan:

  • Traditional Registration Option
  • Express Registration Option

Select the option that best suits you!

The Fall 2022 registration deadline is November 4, 2022. 

Traditional Registration Option (TRO)

TRO is for students who would like a virtual registration appointment with a Student Accommodation Facilitator .

During your appointment, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns in detail. Your accommodation plan will be created after the appointment.

Wait times for an appointment and accommodation plan are approximately two (2) weeks. This may be longer during high volume times.

Express Registration Option (ERO)

ERO is for students who  do not require a registration appointment with a Student Accommodation Facilitator.

With this option, you will be assigned a Student Accommodation Facilitator, but will only meet if you request an appointment. 

This option provides the opportunity to receive an accommodation plan within approximately five (5) business days  of the submission of a complete Intake Form including appropriate documentation. 

Questions about registering with AAS?

Email us at , opens in new window

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