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Students conversing and eating snacks

The Tri-Mentoring Program aims to provide and hold safe spaces for students who identify as part of an equity seeking group to connect and share their experiences. Students will have the opportunity to explore their identity, join a community, and gain knowledge of resources. Working from an anti-oppressive framework, our group mentoring sessions will endeavor to support students in finding a sense of belonging and empowering  students to discover what they need to be successful in their post-secondary journey.

We offer group mentoring for students who identify with the following equity seeking groups

Black Identified Students 

Muslim Women Students

Mature Students

Women in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM)

Filipino Students

Latinx/Hispanic or Spanish Speaking Students

Lusophone Students

East and South East Asian Students

Indigenous Students 

2SLGTBQIA+ Students

Students who Identify with a Disability  

Jewish Students

Students will engage in monthly sessions focused on topics such as identity, community and role models. A student who may also identify in the same equity-seeking group, a staff member or a community member (working in an organization that supports this equity-seeking group) will help facilitate these conversations. The sessions will be 1-2 hours in duration and include facilitated discussions, affirmations or celebrations, and guest speakers/facilitators. Guest speakers/facilitators will also identify in the same equity-seeking group in order to provide mentorship and relatable experiences.
If you are interested in finding out more contact   and let us know which group you want more information about.
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