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Who we are

The Asian Faculty and Staff Community Network is made up of faculty and staff who self-identify as Asian (inclusive of all 48 countries on the continent of Asia) and who have come together with shared values of mutual respect, international inclusion, collaboration and community, and advocacy and education. 

  • Mutual respect | Ensuring we are being inclusive of Asians across ethnicity, race, ability, gender and sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, class, religion, creed, citizenship, etc.
  • Intentional inclusion | Adopting a model of shared responsibility to create welcoming, supportive and respectful environments.
  • Collaboration and community | Supporting and collaborating with individuals, groups and teams to leverage our strengths and gifts for collective benefit.
  • Advocacy and education | Putting in action our privilege and power to advocate for members of racialized communities, combat racism and oppression, and educate our community and beyond the university.

The group was formed in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. The visible rise in anti-Asian racism over the last two years and tragic incidents like the mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, brought about a collective desire for support, connection and community with fellow Asian peers.

What we do

As a network, we strive to:

  • Foster community and belonging among those who identify with the diverse Asian communities at the university in order to create opportunities for solidarity, networking and mentoring for our members.
  • Advocate, agitate and inspire university leadership and members to combat anti-Asian racism, as well as establish and maintain safer and more inclusive spaces for Asian and all racialized students, faculty and staff.
  • Create, develop and promote educational tools and events that advance knowledge of lived experiences of Asian communities within and beyond the university.

Get in touch 

To get in touch, get involved and learn more about the Asian Faculty and Staff Community Network and our work, please email

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