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June 23, 2022

In our AfterTMU profile series alumni take time to share the experience they’ve obtained since graduating and offer advice to students and recent graduates with the perspective that only comes from hindsight.

Here are some quick tips for getting ahead and finding success in your own careers.

Phil Adrien

Phil Adrien 

Radio and Television Arts ’09
CEO, Creative APAC at Dentsu International

“If you’re interested in working overseas, start networking and connecting with peers in that market. Make connections, leverage your own network and see who you may already know there who can introduce you to relevant recruiters or leaders.”

Tiffany Hsiung, Film Production ’07

Tiffany Hsiung

Film Production ’07
Peabody award-winning filmmaker of The Apology and Sing Me a Lullaby

“This is just the beginning. Have some compassion for yourself. Love yourself. It's not a sprint, it's a marathon. You need to take care of yourself if you're going to continue the marathon.”

After TMU - Sarah King; Photo © Anonymous/Greenpeace

Sarah King

Masters of Environmental Applied Science and Management ‘00
Head of Oceans & Plastics Campaign, Greenpeace Canada

“If you have time to volunteer it can be a great way to get connected with an organization, learn more about the way they work and gain experience.”

Marlon Merraro, Social Work ’06

Marlon Merraro (FCS)

Social Work ’06
Chair of the Toronto Children’s Aid Society, Executive Director of Peacebuilders Canada

“Say yes more often than no. Be bolder and take care of yourself.” 


After TMU - Dr. Richa Siddavaatam

Dr. Richa Siddavaatam

PhD in Computer Science
Wireless Networks Research Specialist, Nokia Bell Labs

“Be yourself and work hard. A diamond has to endure the pain of the cutting process to gain its virtue.”

After TMU - Meera Sulaiman

Meera Sulaiman

Business Technology Management ’10
Senior Program Management Consultant

“Don’t be afraid to create your own path. Never stop learning or pushing the boundaries of your surroundings. Everything will make sense someday. Laugh at your mistakes. Experiment, learn, and have fun!”

Nassim Vahidi-Williams, Psychology ’13

Nassim Vahidi-Williams

Psychology ’13
Patient and Community Engagement Specialist, St. Michael's Hospital

“The great thing about education and scholarship is that you can build on what you have.”

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