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Everyone needs a washroom! 

Inclusive washroom signage and all gender washrooms on Toronto Met are an important part of making our campus safe, accessible and welcoming. This initiative addresses the ongoing need to prioritize the safety and comfort for trans and gender diverse people in gender segregated spaces. 

All gender washrooms 

All gender washrooms are safe spaces where anyone, regardless of gender identity or presentation, can use the toilet, wash their hands and check the mirror. They decrease anxiety and fear for trans and gender diverse people while using the facilities as there is less chance of physical or verbal harassment or assault—a real and ongoing risk in gender segregated spaces.

Locate single-stall washrooms on campus

We encourage you to use the legend feature on the campus maps page to locate single-stall washrooms across campus.

Inclusive signage in washrooms

Washrooms on the Toronto Met campus include signage, indicating the space is inclusive and that Toronto Met respects everyone's right to choose the washroom that is appropriate for them.


This is an all gender washroom sign. Anyone may use this space. At Toronto Met we respect everyone's right to choose.


This is a women's washroom sign. Everyone who identifies as a woman and/or trans' person may use this space.


This is a men's washroom sign. Everyone who identifies as a man and/or trans' person may use this space.

In the Toronto Met Student Campus Centre, temporary all gender washrooms are currently available on the second floor. Permanent all gender washrooms are constructed on the first and second floors of Oakham House.

Support from Toronto Met Community Safety and Security

Toronto Met Community Safety and Security is here to support the entire community and understands that when a complaint is being made about someone in the "wrong" washroom, it's often the person being reported who needs protection. The team receives sensitivity training from Human Rights Services and will be collaborating with the RU Trans Collective , external link to continue to increase their awareness and skills.

If you encounter concerning behaviour on campus or vandalism of signage, please contact Toronto Met Security:

Phone : 416-979-5040
Email :

In an emergency, please call 911.

(Photo by Mélissa Jeanty via Unsplash , external link )

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