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Faculty and Contract Lecturers have flexibility in determining how they will hold office hours, however, should avoid holding meetings in enclosed spaces that cannot support physical distancing requirements.

Students have one submission per term that does not require documentation (regardless of reason). At this time, to relieve the burden on the healthcare system, TMU has decided to continue the special COVID-19 category added to the Academic Consideration Request System for the Spring and Summer 2022 terms. Students who miss class or an assessment due to cold or flu-like symptoms, or due to self-isolation are currently not required to provide a health certificate. Other health related issues require documentation.

If students have two academic consideration request submissions, they will be sent a notice of awareness/concern with resources, as well notification that they may be contacted by their department chair.

International travel

On February 28, 2022 the Government of Canada lowered their COVID-19 Global Travel Advisory , external link from a “level 3: avoid all non-essential travel advisory” to a “level 2: practise special precautions advisory”. The Government of Canada is advising travelers to practise enhanced health precautions when traveling internationally. Our International Risk Management requirements have been updated to reflect this change.

All students traveling abroad for university-sanctioned activity must complete the university’s International Risk Management Requirements. It is recommended that students begin this process 4 to 6 months in advance of their departure date.

Faculty and contract lecturer travel remains under the jurisdiction of individual faculty members. To help with ongoing decision making, all faculty members have access to, and are welcome to use, the resources provided by ISOS , and may wish to reach out to Ryerson International for additional support.

All faculty members and contract lecturers are strongly encouraged to register with ISOS. For more information visit Ryerson International’s International Risk Management webpage .

Exams & Final Assessments

Please direct any general questions regarding final exams to or about accommodated exams to .

Correspondence between course and exam format is the general rule:

  • If a course is conducted remotely, the assessment must be conducted online
  • If students are required to attend a course on-campus, the assessment may be held on-campus or remotely but only in one format (all online or all in person)
  • Similarly, if a course has blended delivery (i.e. online lectures but in-person labs) the exam can either be online or in-person, but only offered in one format (all online or all in person)

Please consult with your dean if you have questions.

For additional information and resources please visit the Exam Information for Professors and Invigilators .

If you are conducting final exams remotely, please refer to the resources made available by the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching and the Office of the Registrar. These resources include information on google doc designing effective online exams , external link , google doc rethinking your final course assessments , external link , and considerations when using virtual proctoring .

If you plan to use Respondus LockDown Browser or Monitor to administer a final exam, it is strongly recommended that you review the dedicated virtual proctoring webpage on the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching website. Encourage your students to review the instructions and try a practice quiz , ideally a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled test or exam.

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