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You can have four different types of phone numbers set up:

  • Business:  the phone number where you are employed
  • Cellular:  your cell number
  • Fax:  your fax number
  • Home:  the phone number of your home
  • Mailing:  the phone number of a residence other than your home

The Ryerson staff will use these phone numbers when they need to contact you.

You can add a new phone number from the Personal Information section of your home page using the Home Phone link.
Home Phone link in Personal Information section of RAMSS

  1. Click the Home Phone link.
    Phone Numbers page with button to Add a Phone Number
  2. Click Add a Phone Number .
    List of user's phone numbers, including phone type, number, extension and preference

A new line is added ready for you to enter the new phone number.

  1. Select the Phone Type from the drop-down.
  2. Enter the Telephone number and the Extension .

Note: You can type the telephone number in directly with no formatting. When you click  Save , the number will be formatted automatically for you.

  1. Click Save .
    Phone Number save confirmation

Your Phone number has now been successfully added.

  1. Click OK .
    List of updated phone numbers

This shows all your phone numbers. You can change a phone number at any time by typing over the phone number and clicking the Save  button.

To add another phone number, click the Add a Phone Number button.

  1. Click the Home Phone link.

List of user's phone numbers, including phone type, number, extension and preference

This shows that the phone numbers that Ryerson currently has on file for you.

Note: You can delete a phone number by clicking the Delete  button beside the number you want to delete.

  1. Make your changes to the phone number.
  2. Click Save .

Phone number save confirmation

Your phone number has now been successfully changed.

  1. Click OK .

Updated phone numbers list

This shows the updated list of all your current phone numbers.

Note: If you have problems updating your phone numbers, you can submit an  PDF file Address Change Form  to Student Records.

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