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Course intentions is the process where returning students indicate the courses they wish to take in the upcoming academic year via RAMSS.  If you are a new student , you will not need to complete this process before the start of your first term.

The course intentions period occurs in March for the upcoming academic year . Course intention changes can be made during the course intention adjustment periods in the spring (May) and fall (August to September).

Course intention appointments are automatically scheduled by 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University. As a student, you will be notified through your university email of your upcoming course intention appointment. Course intention appointment information can also be found in the Enrolment Dates  section of your  Student Centre in RAMSS .

 Upcoming Course Intention Period

  • Academic Term:  Winter 2023
  • Date and Time:
    • Course Intention Adjustment Period: Begins at 6 a.m. on Monday, August 22, 2022, and remains open until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, September 16, 2022
  • Location:  RAMSS ( , opens in new window

How to Select Your Course Intentions

Students are responsible for ensuring that their course intention selections meet the curricular requirements for their specific academic program and plan/major of study.  These courses may be from the required, liberal studies (elective) or professionally-related course groups.

It is recommended that students run an  Advisement Report  and consult the current Academic Calendar before beginning their course intentions. If any errors are encountered, or if you have any questions about course intentions, please contact your program or school's  academic advisor .

  1. Log in to  RAMSS , opens in new window .
  2. Select  Student Center .
  3. Declare your plan/major (if applicable). Please refer to the Declaring Your Plan/Major tab on this page for details.
  4. Run an Advisement Report . This will assist you in planning your course intentions by identifying the curriculum requirements that you have satisfied and the requirements that remain outstanding.
  5. Select My Classes Offered  from the  Shopping Cart  section in the Student Centre to display and select fall and winter courses that are offered to your program and plan.
  6. Click the  Finish Enrolling  button. If you prefer, you may also use the regular enrolment functions of search , add , drop and swap to submit your course intentions.
  7. Re-run your Advisement Report. It will now apply your course intentions. You will be able to see and validate the application of your course intentions to your curricular requirements.

Additional Steps and Information

Declaring your plan is necessary for students who are finishing their first, second and third year of certain programs. Whether this is mandatory or optional is based on your program.

Selecting this option will allow you to see and indicate your course intentions for the plan you have chosen.

Some programs have a 'general' or 'common' first or first two years of study that is completed before you select the plan (major) that you will complete for graduation. These changes or declarations of your plan (major) may include selecting an Option, Co-operative experience, etc. You can find complete details for your program in the  Undergraduate Calendar .

For more details on how to  declare your plan in RAMSS , please visit the  RAMSS Support  website.

Declaring Your Plan by End of Year 1
  • Undeclared Arts
  • Undeclared Engineering
  • Undeclared Science
  • Business Management – Undeclared
  • Language and Intercultural Relations
  • Arts and Contemporary Studies
  • Mathematics and its Applications
  • Chemistry
Declaring Your Plan by End of Year 2
  • Accounting and Finance – Undeclared
  • Biology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Fine Arts (Image Arts) Film Studies
  • Fine Arts (Image Arts) Photography Studies
  • Mechanical Engineering
  1. Locate your undergraduate program of study on the  Liberal Studies Program Band Chart  on the  Liberal Studies page .
  2. Find the corresponding bands for your undergraduate program of study:
    • Lower Level Bands  are for Lower Level Liberal Studies Courses
    • Upper Level Bands  are for Upper Level Liberal Studies Courses
  3. Refer to the  Course Offerings Charts  to see what courses are available to your program/plan during course intentions:
  4. Complete your course intentions following the step-by-step instructions on this page.
 Liberal Studies Requirements and Restrictions 

More information on course offerings can be found on the  Liberal Studies  page.

If you require assistance with Liberal Studies, please contact Elisa Wreford, , 416-979-5093, JOR123.

Liberal Studies Selections for Part-Time Students

Part-time undergraduate students participating in the course intention process will be eligible to select only Required and Professionally-Related courses as part of their course intention selections for the upcoming academic year. Liberal Studies courses may be enrolled during the open enrolment period for the term via  RAMSS , opens in new window .

Please contact your program or school's academic advisor  if you have any concerns or questions about your course intention plans.

Placement Tests for Arabic, Chinese, French or Spanish

To add your first course in Arabic, French, or Spanish to your course intentions, all students must take a placement test.  Please note that this includes ARB 101 , CHN 101 , FRE 101 , and SPN 101 .  If you do not have the appropriate test score you will be blocked from adding the course to your intentions. 

Students who have previously taken the placement test or already completed a course in a language should not take the test again.

  1. Please complete a  Placement Test  prior to the course intentions period. Tests can take several business days to be evaluated at peak times of year so it's important to take your test as soon as possible. 
  2. Check for your test score in RAMSS > My Academics > Test Scores Summary
  3. Once you have a score, confirm your eligible courses in the  Placement Test Score Guide  and add the course to your intentions. Students will not be able to add a course unless it is indicated for their score in the guide.

See  Languages, Literatures, and Cultures  for further details.

If you require assistance, please contact Wendy Crolla at

Courses with Prerequisites

If you have not completed the prerequisite course, or if you are not currently enrolled in the prerequisite course, you will not be allowed to complete course intention selections for the following course for the upcoming terms.

Multi-Term Courses

When selecting a multi-term course during the course intention process, e.g., POL47A/B or NSE11A/B, you select part A and you will automatically be enrolled in part B in the subsequent term.

Winter term course intentions can be added or adjusted during the fall term open enrolment period . It’s necessary to add your winter term courses during this period if you:

Confirming Enrolment for Winter Term OSAP

At the start of the fall term,  Student Financial Assistance  attempts to confirm enrolments for the academic year using your fall term course enrolments and winter term course intentions.

Confirming your enrolments for the academic year has an impact on the amount of funding you receive. It is crucial that you check your winter course intentions during the fall course enrolment period, and update them if necessary. If your winter term course intentions do not match, you will only receive funding for one term at a time and your overall funding amount may be less.

Course Intentions are not always guaranteed:

While 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University makes every effort to enrol students in all course intention selections, there are occasions where a course intention selection cannot be accommodated.

Possible reasons could include:

  • Student holds on file that block enrolment at the time of schedule upload
  • Course requirements like prerequisites or co-requisites not met
  • Class conflict
  • Class enrolment capacity
  • A combination of one or more of the reasons listed above

All students will have to make adjustments to their schedule during the open enrolment period .

Course intention selections in the Shopping Cart not completed:

Course Intention selections added to a student’s Shopping Cart in RAMSS and not completed (by selecting the  Finish Enrolling  button) are not successful. These selections will not be taken into consideration when preparing a student's schedule.

Students with Holds on their account:

Students with certain holds on file (that block enrolment) may be prohibited from further enrolment (which includes participating in course intentions) until satisfactory payment arrangements have been made.

If you decide not to return to 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University after submitting your course intention selections:

If you decide not to return to 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University after submitting your course intentions, you will need to submit an applicable withdrawal form  before classes start. This will avoid any tuition fee charges or negative academic standing impacts.

"Not available to your program and plan" error message:

During the Course Intention Period, some courses may be reserved for certain program majors/plans. You may be able to access open seats during the open enrolment period at the start of the term.

Mandatory Course Intentions

Participation is mandatory for all returning full-time undergraduate students in programs within:

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Community Services
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science
  • Faculty of Science
  • Ted Rogers School of Management
  • The Creative School

Please see the current Undergraduate Calendar to check which faculty your program belongs to.

Full-time students who do not participate in the course intentions process will be responsible for enrolling in courses that are appropriate to their degree plan (and will meet the requirements for graduation) during the open enrolment period for the term via  RAMSS , opens in new window .

Please refer to the Enrolment Dates section on the Course Enrolment page.

Students currently in a 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University undergraduate program who have recently accepted an Offer of Admission for another undergraduate program should note that course intention selections are associated to the program and plan they are currently active in.

All students will be able to make adjustments to their schedule during the open enrolment period .

In the event that you require advisement or encounter a full required course, you are advised to contact your new program department for assistance once you have been formally admitted into your new program.

George Brown or Centennial Collaborative Nursing students who will be studying at 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University in the upcoming academic year should participate in the course intention process.

Why are course intentions important?

Your participation is important because it assists your faculty with their course planning for the next academic year. Based on the courses you choose, they will determine how many classes of a particular subject will be offered and how many seats will be allocated for those classes.

Participating in course intentions positions you for success and means:

  • you will be automatically enrolled in your selected, required and core elective courses. 
  • you will have access to priority enrolment in August to amend your schedule
  • if you are graduating you will have first pick at the courses you need to meet graduation requirements
  • if you are an OSAP student you will receive your Confirmation of Enrolment in a timely manner ensuring earlier receipt of your funds
  • you will be able to confirm  GO Transit Student ID Card  eligibility earlier
  • you will receive confirmation of eligibility for 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University's Career Boost program earlier
  • you will meet a  scholarship condition  for your renewable  entrance scholarship
  • you can request a  Proof of Enrolment letter  and access your RESP funds earlier
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