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Yes. You are eligible to take any minor offered by the university except those which are specifically excluded to your program because they are too closely related to the core program requirements. For more information refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

Yes. However, an individual course may only be used to satisfy the requirement for one minor. For more information refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

No. Minor course requirements cannot be substituted. For more information refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

No. The minor is only reflected on your academic record (official transcript).

Students who are granted admission to a Direct Entry program are not required to complete course(s) in the previous semester(s)/year(s), toward their core program/major/option unless specifically told to do so in their offer of admission.

For example, students granted admission to the third year of a Ryerson program are not required to complete courses from semesters one through four towards their core program/plan unless specifically told to do so in their offer of admission.

Therefore, any first or second year course that you have been exempted from taking can be used towards minor requirements without transfer credit application if applicable.

Liberal Studies

No. Lower Level Lliberal Studies (LLLS) courses may not be used for Upper Level Liberal Studies (ULLS), but ULLS courses may be used for LLLS requirements. For more information refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

You are must refer to the restrictions listed after Tables A and B in the Undergraduate Calendar. For more information refer to the Undergraduate Calendar.

Program Requirements

No. Students who are completing courses over the summer must apply to graduate during the spring/summer term for fall convocation. Please refer to Applying to Graduate for details.

You must upgrade some of the courses you have low grades in, or take replacement courses to increase your GPA.

You may pursue a Course Exception and complete a Course Directive/Course Substitution form. For more information please refer to Curriculum Exceptions (Substitutions and Directives).

No. Only degree level courses can be used towards degree requirements.

Yes, as long as it is not within the same discipline. Be sure to check certificate restrictions.

Yes, all students intending to complete a certificate program must officially register in the program prior to completion of 50% of the certificate course requirements. Please refer to  The Chang School Certificates  , opens in new window  for more information.

If the courses you took are applicable to your program, they will automatically be used to fulfill graduation requirements.

If not, you must apply for a  PDF file Course Substitution/Course Directive . These courses will not be included in the calculation of your CGPA.

Unless you have been assigned 'reachback' courses, you are not eligible for transfer credits. If you have been assigned 'reachbacks' you may apply for the same number of transfer credits as the number of assigned 'reachback' courses. Refer to your offer of admission for information.


Following the announcement of the university’s new name, all legal documents including parchments will continue to reflect the legal name of Ryerson University until the Ryerson Act is amended by legislation at a later date.

Parchments available for June 2022 graduands will say Ryerson University.

Once the legal name change takes effect, the university will only be able to issue and (re)issue parchments that reflect the university’s new name. 


Eligible and non-eligible students will receive their information approximately two weeks prior to convocation ceremonies.

Please refer to the Convocation website for Convocation information.

All standardized communication (email messages and/or letters) that you have received from the Office of Curriculum Management: Curriculum Advising Unit or Transfer Credit Unit, can be found, seen, and copies printed from your Student Centre via RAMSS.

  1. When you are in your Student Centre, scroll down to view the last bar/box on the right hand side of your Student Centre home page
  2. It has the title of:  Communications
  3. Click on the subtitle:  View My Communications . The communications that are available for you to view and print are listed here
  4. Select View to see the communication that was sent to you. You can print a copy from here

Letters and Verification Requests

You must submit a  google form Letter of Permission Application , external link, opens in new window , along with a course description and the application fee to the Curriculum Advising Office for assessment. You must apply for the transfer credit within three months of successful completion of the course(s) at the other school.

More information can be found on the  Documents and Letters  page. 

Open Electives

OEs provide students an opportunity to choose degree-level courses, subject to some limitations, based on their own interests and career goals. Students may choose graded courses from outside their core area of study, or take additional core electives.

No. You cannot use the following courses to meet OE requirements:

  • Courses specifically excluded from use by your program department; see Open Elective Exclusions below.
  • Lower Level Liberal Studies courses
  • Courses graded on a pass/fail basis, such as orientations, work terms, some internships and practicums, or placement/skills tests


You can only use the following courses with permission from your program department:

  • degree-level courses which are only offered by The Chang School (those marked as degree level but which do not have a corresponding three-character course code in the undergraduate calendar)
  • an Upper Level Liberal Studies course
  • any Ryerson course completed more than fifteen years prior to admission to your current program

A course can only be used to meet one requirement in your degree program. For example, if you receive permission to use an Upper Level Liberal Studies course to meet Open Elective requirements, you must take a different course to fulfill your Upper Level Liberal Studies requirements.

You can, however, use a course to meet both your open elective requirements and the requirements of a minor or a concentration.

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