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Welcome to Transfer Credits!

Transfer credits are courses completed at other accredited institutions that are assessed, and when granted, may be used toward 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University degree requirements. Accepted transfer credits impact your program curriculum, allowing you to avoid repeating coursework and graduate sooner.

What We Do:

  • The Transfer Credit Unit facilitates and manages the transfer credit application and faculty evaluation of ex­ternal post-secondary courses
  • We are committed to providing fair and timely transfer credit assessments to students with a superior customer service approach
  • The Transfer Credit Unit maintains a comprehensive database of transfer credit equivalencies for most Canadian institutions
Three female students are working together at the Digital Media Experience Lab (DME) in SLC. They are looking at the camera.

Internal 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University Course Transfers

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The ONTransfer Course Transfer Guide allows you to see how courses completed at other Ontario postsecondary institutions may be transferred to programs at 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University.

Other Resources:

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