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Meet TMU's Student Success Navigators! The Student Success Navigators help students connect to resources and services on campus. The main priority of the navigators is to be a point-of-contact for students who may be confused about where to go or what support or service to access — whether that be advising, enrolment, financial aid, health and wellness, or services offered through Student Affairs.

By having a point-of-contact to 'connect the dots,' our goal is that students can avoid mixed messages, ease stress and help students feel more connected. Contact a Student Success Navigator by clicking on google form this Google form , external link .

Annabelle De Jesus standing with her arms crossed in the Student Learning Centre.

Annabelle De Jesus (she/her/hers)

Faculty Connection:  Faculty of Community Services

To me, student success means:

  • Individual fulfillment and happiness on as well as off campus.
  • Finding your people to build a network of care.


Berenice Chavez standing with her hands on her hips in the Student Learning Centre.

Berenice Chavez (she/her/hers)

Faculty Connection: Ted Rogers School of Management

To me, student success means: 

  • Considering one’s education beyond grades, a program where students can connect and use the fundamentals of education with real-life situations, find tools that meet their learning style, feel that their efforts today are really working towards their future careers, and professors, TAs and staff are approachable.
Carly Jamieson standing with her arms crossed in the Student Learning Centre.

Carly Jamieson (she/her/hers)

Faculty Connection: Faculty of Arts

To me, student success means:

  • Finding your voice and expressing it freely.


Ryan McLean standing with his arms crossed in the Student Learning Centre.

Ryan McLean (he/him/his)

Faculty Connection: The Creative School

To me, student success means:

  • The constant development of one’s academic and socio-emotional skills. Success isn’t measured solely by grades; it’s from how you grow as a person. This growth will take time, and will continue after you have graduated. Success isn’t linear, it’s what you make of it.
Samantha Tome standing with her arms crossed in the Student Learning Centre.

Samantha Tome (she/her/hers)

Faculty Connection: Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science

To me, student success means :

  • Whatever the student wants it to mean, whether that’s getting a perfect GPA or simply having fun! I consider my undergraduate degree successful because I enjoyed it, learned new information and made some great connections.


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