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Reporting workplace accidents, injuries and incidents

In the unfortunate event that an employee sustains a work-related incident, WSIB covers health costs and loss of earnings due to lost time from work.

The law requires Ryerson reports all work-related incidents to the WSIB that result in lost time from work and/or required health care (other than first aid), within three calendar days of learning of the incident.

Roles and responsibilities


  • If necessary, obtain first aid or medical attention immediately.
  • In an emergency or if you have immediate safety or security concerns, call 911. For non-emergency medical assistance, please call Ryerson Security at 416-979-5040.
  • Report the incident to your supervisor immediately even if there is no injury.
  • Notify your supervisor if the injury prevents you from working following the incident.
  • Obtain medical attention immediately if unable to return to work.
  • Maintain contact with your supervisor to keep him/her updated as to your prognosis for return to full or modified work.
  • Co-operate with your supervisor and Workplace Wellbeing Services in arranging a return to work.
  • Complete and promptly return all forms received from the WSIB and the university.


  • Go to the scene immediately.
  • Ensure appropriate first aid/medical aid is given, if necessary.
  • Arrange and pay for transportation to medical care, if needed.
  • Control potential secondary accidents; secure the site if a critical injury has occurred, investigate to determine the cause, and take corrective action to prevent a recurrence.
    • Be sure to document actions, investigations and any corrective action that is taken or required.
  • Complete the PDF file WSIB Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 7) , external link  online (not hand written), print it and submit to and sign the form and e-mail as a PDF within 48 hours to Sevgi Pala, Workplace Wellbeing Advisor at .
  • Complete Ryerson's google form Internal Near Miss, Incident and Injury Form​ , external link within 24 hours or as soon as being made aware of the incident.
  • Contact the injured employee the day following the accident to check on the status of their wellbeing and arrange for return to suitable modified work and/or modified hours.
  • Contact Workplace Wellbeing Services to assist with return to work planning; accommodation or modified work arrangements.
  • Maintain contact with the employee.

Why are the timelines important?

  • Ryerson may be subject to penalties or charges under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act for failure to report work-related incidents properly to the WSIB.
  • Any imposed fines levied by the WSIB will be charged to the injured employee’s departmental budget.


For questions about employees who have experienced a workplace injury, contact Workplace Wellbeing Services .

For questions about addressing hazardous workspace or environmental concern, visit  Report an Incident or Injury .

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