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Preparing for the Next Phase

While a big part of being ready to retire is about being financially ready, it’s also just as important to be prepared mentally and emotionally to maintain and care for your wellbeing. On this site, we provide key information and questions about what you’ll need to consider and how to prepare. By reviewing this information, we hope you’ll be more prepared to know when retirement is right for you and what you’ll need to do to initiate the next steps.

This site has been designed for members of the Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan.

What you’ll find on this site: Guidance to help you plan

Section one:
Retirement options

Find information on when you can retire and options for starting retirement including starting your pension while working, early retirement, re-employment.

Section two:
Planning your financials and benefits coverage

Find information on planning your sources of income, Ryerson pension, benefit plan options and cost and more.

Section three:
Wellbeing during retirement

Consider the impact of retirement on your wellbeing with some self-reflection questions.

Section four:
Key resources

Review resources and links to information to help with your retirement.

Section five:
Frequently asked questions

Find answers to some common questions on preparing for your retirement, your pension and what happens with your benefits.

Section six:

Review a suggested timeline of what you should do 5 years, 2 years, 6 months and 1 month before retirement.

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