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Manages Board and Board Committee meetings, keeps official Board records, coordinates and facilitates Board members’ engagement with 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University, manages Board elections, and provides outreach on good governance practices and Board education.

Board Secretariat

Provides legal advice, reviews and negotiates agreements, manages litigation, provides educational outreach related to compliance, legal risks and legal processes, and manages practicum placement agreements.

To identify areas of  expertise  or which lawyer supports your department, refer to our  PDF file Legal Support Chart , opens in new window .

Legal Services


Manages and processes freedom of Information or FIPPA requests, manages privacy incidents and privacy risk assessments, oversees policies related to access and privacy, and provides educational outreach related to access and privacy.


Supports the university's mission and values by coordinating university compliance with laws, regulations and administrative policies.


Develops and implements university records management program, provides advice on records classification, retention, and file management, oversees policies and provides educational outreach related to records management.

Records Management

Provides guidance on policy development, manages the university administrative policy website (University Administrative Policy Management ).


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