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This page will help principal investigators (PIs) identify the positions that may be needed when hiring research staff.

Below, you’ll find the typical research positions hired at Ryerson as well as:

  • a brief position description and its purpose
  • information about your role as a PI (or delegated administrator) in relation to hiring each research support staff
  • required forms and approvals

All information related to compensation (salary, benefits and vacation) must be considered when determining assignment costs for budget purposes.

Select a position

Research assistant

Assists Ryerson principal investigators by carrying out research-related tasks associated with research projects or activities (e.g., conduct literature reviews, collect and analyze data, etc.).

Postdoctoral fellow

Individuals who, within three to five years of being awarded a PhD (or equivalent degree) continue to conduct research in their field of study.

Research technical support

Individuals with specialized skills who provide technical expertise to SRC projects/ activities (e.g., management of lab facilities, etc.).

Research professional

Individuals with advanced training, experience and degrees (normally a graduate degree as defined by the Ryerson Principal Investigator) who carry out research in collaboration with, or under the supervision of, a PI. Research professionals have an established record or competence in their field of specialization.

Research administrative support

Individuals who provide administrative or clerical support to SRC projects/activities (e.g., research coordinator, research facilitator, lab administrator).

Additional resources


For addition information about hiring research staff, please contact:

  • Your research account support officer (RASO) and/or your administrative support (for Canada Research Chairs)
    • May assist with the coordination of the recruitment of post doctoral fellows (PDFs) and other research related personnel by posting positions, completing position requisition forms, employee activation etc.
  • Your HR partner and/or advisor
    • May assist in answering any policy related questions to PDFs as well as any questions related to the terms and conditions of employment.
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