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Welcome Week celebrations

In 2019, 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University initiated an update to its Campus Master Plan. Through a year-long collaborative process — over 100 hours of consultation with over 1,500 participants — our extended community has steered the creation of a new Plan, with refreshed goals and principles that will shape campus development over the coming decade and beyond.

As we completed this plan in 2020, a pandemic impacted the way we view space. But we continue to need critical thinking, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship — and space for this to flourish. This plan is a bold, long-term strategy, a vision for the future. It identifies areas on campus that are opportunities for renewal and growth as funding becomes available.

The Campus Master Plan describes a collaboratively developed vision of the campus as a place that:

  • Advances sustainable development
  • Embraces reconciliation 
  • Supports safety and security
  • Embeds accessibility

The Plan identifies goals to build inclusive, vibrant spaces in a diverse and urban destination. It outlines the need to continue to build high-quality spaces for scholarly, research and creative activities, as well as ensuring our spaces promote health and wellbeing.

We continue to plan for a safe return to campus, and are excited for this future. We invite you to tell us how this vision resonates with you.

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