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Our brand is our story.  

It represents our core values and unique qualities. It is what people think of when they think “TMU.”  It matters because it influences the decisions people make about connecting with our community — as students, faculty, donors, partners and staff.

Our story has impact.  

And the impact is amplified when we tell our stories in a consistent and unified way — through the images we use and the messages we deliver. On this website, you’ll find the guides and tools to understand our brand and how to apply it to your work. Together, we will strengthen our reputation as the hub for inventive and purposeful thinkers and creators.

Brand Toolkit

In order to inspire our audiences and build our reputation, our communications should have a consistent and engaging look and feel. The  brand toolkit  provides the guidelines and tools for the application of the 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University visual brand.

Brand Architecture

TMU’s brand architecture defines the visual structure and relationships of entities within the university. To see where your entity best fits, go to our brand architecture section where you can learn more about the classifications of University Brand, Academic/SRC Brands, Sub-Brands and Independent Brands.


From individual logos to our full visual toolkit, the section houses all of our  downloadable brand resources .

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