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Leaders at a workshop holding up their certificates.

日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University has programs for leaders, managers and supervisors to develop skills specific to your roles.

Leader Orientation

The Leader Orientation program is an interactive virtual program for leaders who are new to the university or new to a leadership position, as well as those just looking for a refresher. The workshops will provide an overview of key internal resources, as well as the core components and responsibilities of leading at our university. You will also have the opportunity to network with other leaders from across the university.

LEAD Certificates

The LEAD Certificate program will help you increase your self awareness as a leader, support and engage your team while fostering a culture of excellence and inclusion. The certificate program includes two streams:

  • LEAD Direct Reports Certificate
    • Developed for experienced leaders and actively infuses mentorship, coaching and Ryerson values.
  • LEAD Influencers Certificate
    • Developed for experienced leaders without direct reports.
  • LEAD Foundations
    • Designed for aspiring leaders, those new to a supervisory position or lead hands.

Additional professional development opportunities for leaders

A number of courses are available to support managers in their ongoing growth and development:

  • goal setting and feedback/coaching for improvement;
  • collaborative leadership;
  • coaching as an effective management practice;
  • think strategy;
  • managing across generations and cultures;
  • fostering a culture of effective feedback;
  • leading in a changing environment;
  • inclusive leadership;
  • workplace wellbeing for leaders.

Check the learning events calendar for current offerings or connect with the Talent Management Centre of Expertise at .

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