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The search and replace tool was developed to help AEM authors locate and replace common Ryerson branded terms. The tool can be used to replace terms in webpages and DAM assets.

The tool was designed for the following scenarios:  

  1. Local searches : Search and replace branded terms within a sites(s) an author has access to.
  2. Global searches : Request specific branded term replacements in websites outside of an author's group permissions. These requests are viewed and approved by the site authors only.

Tool location

After logging into AEM, you will find the search and replace tool in the navigation panel.

The tool is available in both development and production environments.

Review the following best practices:

  1. Review the PDF file language guidelines for appropriate replacements
  2. Assign one person to run replacements
  3. Check spelling before running a search
  4. Do not add extra spaces before/after search terms
  5. Searches are case-sensitive. i.e. search 'Ryerson', not 'ryerson'
  6. Run search and replacements for ‘Ryerson University’ before you search and replace the single term ‘Ryerson’.  This avoids ‘University’ being orphaned from instances of ‘Ryerson University’.
  7. Review the “excerpt” column to avoid replacing text in a filename, hyperlink or paths
  8. Review the "excerpt" column to ensure the replacement does not change context
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