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Please read and follow these guidelines before you can book and borrow equipment.

All first time users must register with us, in person, before you can book and borrow equipment. To register, you must stop by our office in Kerr Hall East, room KHE227, and present valid 日博电竞登录下载靠谱 University (TMU) identification (as outlined below).

All TMU students who wish to borrow equipment must have and present a valid TMU Student Card. If you do not have a student card, you must present:

  • A Current Fees Statement, and;
  • Photo Identification, such as a Driver's License or Passport

Students without valid TMU identification will not be able to borrow equipment.

  • To borrow equipment from Media Services, you must first make an equipment booking. Bookings are made on a first-come first-serve basis. To ensure the equipment you will need is available, we highly recommended advance booking.
  • Bookings are held for 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time. After 15 minutes, the booking will be cancelled and the equipment will be made available to other customers. If you cannot pickup the equipment at your scheduled pickup time, notify Media Services and we can hold the equipment for you.
  • Bookings must be made by the person who will be picking up and taking responsibility for the equipment.
  • In most cases, advance bookings do guarantee the availability of equipment, however bookings are dependent on others returning equipment on time.

Equipment is available for loan during  Media Services Office Hours . Borrowing times typically range from one hour up to a full day. All equipment must be returned before our office closes at the end of the day.

  • The person signing for the equipment when it is borrowed from Media Services will be responsible for its safekeeping and prompt return.
  • TMU faculty, staff and students will be held personally responsible for loss or damage to equipment loaned to them by Media Services.
  • All borrowed equipment malfunctions or damages must be reported to Media Services staff.
  • If your borrowed equipment goes missing from the University campus, you must make a report to TMU Security as well as to Media Services staff.
  • If your borrowed equipment is stolen while off the University campus, you must report the theft to the Police as well as Media Services staff. A copy of the Police report must be given to Media Services staff.
  • We reserve the right to remove borrowing privileges from anyone who repeatedly returns equipment late or damaged.
  • Students who do not return equipment borrowed from Media Services will have their marks withheld and the bill for the cost of replacing the equipment will be sent to their known address.
  • Anyone with overdue equipment will not be able to borrow additional equipment until the overdue equipment is returned.
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