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If your role involves financial administration, you will need access to Ryerson’s two financial systems —the Ryerson University Financial Information System (RUFIS or Oracle) and the Invoice Approval System (MarkView). Here are the steps for gaining access:

Before receiving systems access, some users must complete a set of workshops determined by the types of financial responsibilities you’re required to perform in your role at Ryerson. Use the Learning Paths page for more information about required and recommended workshops.

Once you’ve learned the basics through our workshops, you’ll need to request access to our systems through the Financial Systems Access form.

This form must be completed online because it populates certain fields based on your responses. However, it also requires signatures of authorization and therefore must be printed upon completion.

Submit the completed, printed and signed form to us in one of three ways:

  1. Email a scanned copy to .
  2. Send a hard copy through internal mail to the attention of Financial Services, Systems and Training.
  3. Put a hard copy in the Financial Services dropbox at 1 Dundas Street West, 9th floor.

After your form has been processed, we will create your systems user profile. You will receive an email confirmation once your user profile is ready, which signifies that you are now ready to use RUFIS and the Invoice Approval System.


If you need assistance in completing the form or have any questions, please contact the RUFIS Help Desk .

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