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The best way to access Gmail and Google Calendar is using Google's  Chrome Web browser , external link . Other modern browsers including Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer will work almost as well.

If you prefer to use an email program or client such as  Microsoft Outlook Mozilla Thunderbird Apple Mail , etc. or your  mobile device , instead of a  web browser  for Gmail or Google Apps, you will first need to create a separate  Google Apps password . We call this your "Google Token" and you will  use this Google Token to set up Google Apps  with your email clients as well as your mobile devices. Google Token should not be confused with your  my.ryerson  password that you would use to access your Gmail and Google Apps account through a web browser.

 Learn how to  get your Google Token  or watch  getting Google Token video .

Web browser

Web Browser

Learn how to sign in to Gmail and other Google Workspace apps via the web. We recommend the Google Chrome web browser.

Mobile device


Learn how to set up your Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows Phone device to access your email and other Google Workspace apps. 

Email client

Email Client

Learn how to access your TMU Gmail on Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or other email clients using IMAP. 

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